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The Heelan' Hound

Custom made authentic tartan dog coats, kilts collars and leashes

Adjustable Snap Release Buckle or Martingale Style Tartan Collars

Small/Medium Narrow Collar 3/4 inch wide Fits 10 to 16 inches $24.00
Medium 1 inch wide Collar fits 12 to 17 inches $26.00
Large 1 inch wide Collar fits 15 to 22 inches $28.00
XL Large 1 1/2 inch wide Collar fits 17 to 29 inches (custom made only) $35.00
XL Large 2 inch wide Collar fits 22 inches and up (custom made only) $38.00
Martingale adjustable collars 1 1/2 inches wide (custom made only) $38.00
Martingale adjustable collars 2 inches wide (custom made only) $40.00
4 Foot Long Tartan Leashes $35.00
Twead (twin lead) 3/4 inch wide lead extension to accommodate two dogs $35.00
Twead Combo includes Twead and ONE 4 Foot Lead $60.00

Tartan Dog Collars
Dog leashes

We carry a selection of the most popular tartan adjustable collars with snap release buckles and coordinating leashes with us to Scottish Games and other Celtic festivals.

Over 500 different tartans available by special order for our collars.

Our tartan leashes are 4 feet long. They are available in over 500 tartans by special order.

It is NOT possible to make a 6 foot leash in tartan, because to do so would require a splice. For the safety of your dog, we do not splice leashes.

We have been asked to make custom dog harnesses. They are NOT included in our line of tartan dog products.

Martingale dog collar

Dearhound collar

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