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The Heelan' Hound

Custom made authentic tartan dog coats, kilts collars and leashes

Tartan Dog Apparel for Sighthounds of all Sizes

Saluki Sighthound

Blanket Coats (custom made only) $70.00 and up
Kilt Coats (custom made only) $70.00 and up
Snoods (color coordinated to coat) $30.00
Adjustable Martingale Collar (1 1/2 inch wide) $38.00
Adjustable Martingale Collar (2 inches wide) $40.00
4 Foot Length Coordinated Tartan Leashes $35.00

The Heelan’ Hound now offers tartan dog coats, martingale collars and leads, and fleece snoods for Sighthounds of all sizes. Custom made by special order.

Custom coats in over 500 tartans. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Delivery in less than 4 weeks will incur a “rush” surcharge. International orders will only be shipped by fully insured and traceable mail. Customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.

Color coordinated snood turtlenecks keep dog’s neck warm. Custom made martingale style collars in choice of 500 tartans.
Greyhound Sighthound
Measure your dog


Measure sighthound neck

How to Measure for a Martingale Collar

A. Around the head/ widest point
B. Around neck/ narrowest point
C. Around the neck/ widest point

How to Measure for a Coat:

1. Around the Head
2. Around girth directly behind the dog’s front legs
3. Base of Neck to Base of Tail
4. Around the Belly. For males measure farther forward to allow room for plumbing

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